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You may have a desire to write your first book and you just don't know where to begin.
You may have decided to share your intimate story with the world and fear sets in.
You may already be a seasoned author and not wanting to keep updated with the latest trend. You just want someone else to keep you updated.

As authors and publishers, we've been there and have learned a thing or two about the entire authoring journey, from idea to published author. We are ready to support your successful authoring experience. The world is waiting to hear your story, your message, and receive your wisdom.

We have created a number of experiences to support your authoring journey, whether you are taking your very first baby steps in writing or you are an experienced author. We offer a variety of experiences which have been designed to 

Who we are?

Carnelian Moon Publishing Services, supports authors to birth their books. So many have dreams of becoming published authors that are never realized. Through various services, including coaching, and mentoring, we have helped authors gain the confidence to see themselves as the bestselling authors they are. 

 We have also supported authors with publishing their book through our publishing services.

Debbie Belnavis-Brimble

Inner Brilliance Mentor, Book Mentor, Publisher

Debbie is a #1 International Best-Selling Author. She has co-authored several books over the years and supported authors in bringing their stories to life.

Judith Richardson Schroeder

Sub-Conscious Behaviorist, Book Mentor, Publisher

Judith is a #1 International Best-Selling Author. She has published her own book, and written in a number of anthologies, including the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul.

How we help?

Our online experiences have been created and crafted to support you in birthing the idea for your book in the most blissful way.We couldn't find the services we needed to publish our books, so we created them through Carnelian Moon Publishing Services.
Let's bring bliss to your authoring journey.

Are you Ready?

BLISS-ful Experiences

We place value on the experience that you have with us and as a result, all engagement with us, whether they are training, coaching, mentoring or publishing is based on experiences that we have created for you to enhance your success.

We also ensure that all experiences with us are BLISS-ful because we know how much chaos and stress currently exists in the publishing industry and we are here to support you in creating as much BLISS as possible as you birth your book.

Go at Your Own Pace

We pride ourselves on these experiences as we have created the majority of them to work at your own pace. Even those which are designed to support you achieving a purpose within a specific period, we ensure that there is some flexibility.

Join us from any device, any time at your convenience and if you pause, you can resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

Amazing Community

We have created the most amazing communities within our membership site to support you in your authoring journey and success. Join our community and connect with students from around the world who are just like you. Learn and share with the every growing community.